Wyilda of Norden…… scarves that dreams are made of

So we have been following Wyilda of Norden for a while now and we instantly fell in love with their gorgeous scarves. If there ever was a brand that has taken into consideration every single detail possible, from design, branding and most importantly where the range is produced and the impact they have on the environment then Wyilda is one brand that hit the nail on the head. 

The best part of our job is getting the chance to delve into the brands background and we just love sharing that with you. Last year we featured the brands Kickstarter campaign, and now we were so privileged to get an interview with one of the Founders Petra. . We also got the chance to try out a limited edition silk scarf and boy oh boy was it pure luxury. Right from the gift box to the tissue paper and the gift certificate every fine detail has been taken into consideration. We have to admit we did have to fight over who was getting to keep the scarf :). So we hope you enjoy this amazing incite into an incredible brand.

What inspired you to start Wyilda? What does the name mean? 

Hanna, our CD, and I have known each other since childhood. One of my early memories involve watching Hanna make intricate fashion drawings. She has lived and breathed fashion for as long as I can remember. I always knew that Hanna had a future in fashion. That was clear to me from the start. I did not know, however, that one day, our career paths would cross. 

I have a background in business and politics. When I hit thirty I started thinking more about where I was heading, and what I want to get out of life. Instead of just talking about labor related injustices and preserving our earth, I decided to do something about it. 

During this period Hanna and I started playing with the idea of a fashion brand that focused on design, sustainability and social responsibility. So, almost two years ago we decided to become business partners, and in June 2017 Wyilda was launched. Doing things right takes time. 

My partner Hanna and I grew up in Haparanda – a small township located in the North of Sweden. Growing up surrounded by forest, creates a special bond with nature. The forest was where we went play, pick berries and do winter sports. We are children of the North and we wanted our brand to reflect that. Wyilda is our celebration to the Northern way of life. The name Wyilda plays the words: Wilderness and the Wild. Wilda is also a name in Swedish. 

All this boiled down to a fictional character that we call Wyilda (you can read the full story of Wyilda on our website www.wyilda.com). She is a force of nature that wants to do good. To us, Wyilda is a symbol of courage, strength and kindness. She is in all of us. We hope that the scarf can be a reminder of that. Whenever you are scared to take the leap: Be Wyilda. 

What would you say is the ‘Ethical’ element of your brand?

To minimize our environmental footprint all Wyilda scarves are made from high-quality natural fibers without any hazardous chemicals. Our production partners have international certification guaranteeing that all components of a Wyilda scarf, from thread to print, are free from formaldehyde, APEOs and AZOs. 

We were searching for a year to find a production partner with the right certifications. We started out by contacting producers in Europe and ended up with a partner in China. During that year we contacted close to one hundred producers. Trying to do things right takes time.

When it comes to ethical fashion transparency is key. I have the utmost respect for brands that disclose their full supply chain. Transparency is the only way for others to control how the clothes are made. I wish there was an easy way for people to verify that a garment is ethically made, but unfortunately, there is not. I hope that this will change in the future. On on our product page you can find our entire list of suppliers.

What were your biggest hurdles when starting your business?

Finding an appropriate production partner has without doubt been the biggest hurdle for us. We are constantly on the lookout to find better and more just ways to produce our scarves. It’s an ongoing battle.  

 How does your business make a difference to woman and children around the world?

Our vision for the future is to be in complete control of our production in developing countries. We are a small brand that just launch our first collection, needles to say, our finances are very limited. If Wyilda is a success and we can produce large enough quantities, we will find a contract factory that produces exclusively for Wyilda. That way we can set the conditions for the collaboration. That puts us in a position where we can set the standards. These standards should be the same regardless of where in world the employees are stationed. And when we talk about good working conditions, we use the Scandinavian countries as role models. 

The fact that we are not in a position to control our production, forces us to find other ways to help improve the working conditions for women in fashion factories. That’s why we have decided to partner with Awaj – a well-renown trade union for women working in Bangladeshi fashion factories. We will donate five percent of our profits to Awaj, and in return they have agreed to educate us on the working situation of their members. This helps us prepare for the future.   

Where are your favorite places to travel to and why? 

I love traveling, and I’ve been traveling quite a lot throughout my life. I’ve also lived in a few countries and I’m currently unpacked in India. If all goes well I’ll stay here a few years more. Given that I’m away from home, my favorite place to travel is any Scandinavian country. The food culture is great, especially in Sweden and Denmark. New Nordic cuisine is fantastic! If you visit Stockholm during the summer the archipelago is well worth a visit. 

What did you want to be when you were a kid? 

I wanted to save the world. I had a very strong sense of right and wrong and couldn’t stand injustices. Looking back I can’t remember what whom I wanted to save from what, but I’m sure I had a good cause or two. 

So we hope you feel as inspired as we do after that amazing interview. To see more of Wyilda’s beautiful collection head over to the website here.  And if that wasn’t enough we have a special 10% discount code for all our Saiint readers to use. At the checkout, type saiint into the discount code.

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