The most wonderful story ever told……Narrative Made

When the incredibly talented and humble Sharon contacted us to introduce us to her exquisite luxury fashion brand, we couldn’t resist sharing her beautiful story with you 🙂

Sharon used to work a WGSN which a lot of you will know as the world-leading trend forecasting company that pretty much dictates what we all wear and when we wear it. Her experience here gave her a deep understanding of how culture and identity directly impact the fashion industry and inspired her to launch Narrative Made in 2015. We are sure you can tell from the incredible pieces in her collection that the immense skill and love that goes into every design and product speaks to your soul! This brand defines the concepts of sustainability, social empowerment and the preservation of heritage crafts. Not to mention the fact that these designs are absolutely stunning!

80% of the fabrics are dyed naturally and no fur or leather are used anywhere. On top of this, materials are sourced from across Asia and scores of artisans are empowered through employment and the opportunity to showcase skills and patience that we could only dream of! We may be sounding a bit like we’re on some kind of commission here, but we’re not, we just have a lot of respect for today’s brand J You hear stats and read stories about how if you empower one person in a household (often the women), you empower something like 20 other people who are surrounded by this one individual. Their ability to bring in an income and to share and practice a highly skilled trade can motivate and inspire endless people who cross this one person’s path. This is exactly how we image Narrative Made touches the lives of their incredible artisans!

You can trace exactly where your clothes were made and you can hear about the artisan stories. It just brings the garments to life in such an exciting way! It’s when you see something like this that you really start to question how and who made your clothes. For example, some of the pleats in the Narrative made fabrics take up to 3 weeks to make enough for on skirt! Wowza! I mean really?! Now, we’re not suggesting fashion needs to move at this sort of pace for every type of fabric or design, but it does encourage you to questions why one person being paid almost nothing per day to make 100 skirts is ok….well, it is not ok! There’s a problem with the fair treatment of people (just like you and I) and a problem with the quality of what we are wearing. You can rest assured that you are not part of any of the craziness associated with fast fashion when you go for a Narrative Made outfit 🙂 Phew!

So feast your eyes on the fall 2016 collection which  features unique fabrications from handwoven, hand-pleated and double-sided embroidery from the Miao tribe in China, as well as hand quilting, natural dyed and shibori dyed silk and cotton from Bangladesh. It’s like a wearabale art gallery! Enjoy! 🙂

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Wishing you a beautiful weekend, lots of love, the Saiint Sisters xxx