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Do our featured brands match your values?

Saiint really started with the desire to look for brands that made a difference in the world in some way or another. We wanted to find brands that resonated with our personal values and to share these brands with our readers.

We have created 4 value stamps to make our readers search for brands that sync into their values much easier. The 4 values are, Eco friendly, Vegan, Social impact and handcrafted. Watch our video below to find out more and scroll further down to read a little about what each value stands for.


For all you lovelies who want cruelty-free items that don’t use any form of animal products in production. These products also ensure no animal is harmed in any of the processes.

Eco Friendly

eco friendly
These products inflict minimal or no harm to our beautiful environment. This includes organic or sustainable materials and process such as recycling or upcycling.

Social Impact

fair wage


With these products you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that the well-being of the community and people are at the heart of these goodies. This may concern providing homes, jobs or fair pay as well as human rights action.

Hand Crafted



If you want to feel the makers love beaming through your products, then you will love this category. This is NOT about mass production, these are products made by real artisan hands.

Our fashion & lifestyle blog will introduce you to the world of FEEL GOOD BRANDS and our journey to discover them.
Not only will you get to hear about all the amazing brands we find but you will also get SPECIAL offers and DISCOUNTS from the brands we feature.
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