Every thread of every women has a home at Threads Worldwide

We often find ourselves reflecting on how we got to where we are now, who played a crucial role in helping us get here and how lucky we are to have ridden through a somewhat adventurous upbringing. We’ve had our fair share of mountains to climb and just like every human being on this planet, we find a way to work through the tougher times, but most of the time there has always been someone who is there on the sidelines encouraging us and motivating us to pick ourselves back up and enjoy the ride.   This is kind of how we view the wonderful Threads Worldwide! Set up in 2011 by 3 incredible humans, their collection of stunning jewellery is creating life-changing work for women across the globe! Picking them back up and giving them a new lease of life….we are sold! 🙂

Threads Worldwide do their great work by joining forces with Artisan Partners all the way from Kenya to Ecuador! They have found some of the most skilled individuals and are empowering them by providing stable, fairly paid employment opportunities. They inspire women who may otherwise be forgotten by the world. Women who are survivors of sex trafficking or women cast into the mountains because they are HIV positive, people who deserve a beautiful life in the same way we do. By selling the designs of these skilled artisans, they are providing a global platform for all of us to visit, view and purchase consciously.

In the same way they help women far away from our homes, they also help women in our own local communities. Through their Fair Trade Partner initiative you can join the gang yourself by setting up a business to sell Threads Worldwide jewellery at the same time as making a profit, creating employment for yourself and others and playing your part in this amazing cycle of doing good, feeling good and treating everyone in the chain fairly! Genius! 🙂

It’s actually quite therapeutic paging through their catalog because the style of jewellery is so varied and all so unique. You can really see the different regional influences with each piece depending on the material used or the style portrayed. We are very lucky to have a pair of their Dharla earrings made in Asia and this stunning Meki bracelet made in Ethiopia from recycled metal and bullet casing (nicely modeled by Katie below 😉 LOL). The bracelet in particular is a reminder of some of the amazing jewellery our uncle gave to us from his travels in Ethiopia. Such fond memories are created when you are gifted things you truly care for…..and items that you can really genuinely tell are made with love 🙂

Bringing this back to what we first said, we see Threads Worldwide as that supporting light on the sidelines encouraging all their partners to move forward, progress and excel! We could all do with a thread of the incredible inspiration they so lovingly provide. Thank you for being who you are!

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