When the Saiint Sisters met Kitty Ferreira

So let’s quickly zip back in time to many moons ago (early 2016ish) when we were brand spanking new blogger sisters with big ideas and wishful dreams. We wanted to aim high and we drew up strict guidelines on who was ‘allowed’ on our blog and who we wanted to be associated with. It’s tough in the ethical fashion world to remain authentic and to stand up amongst the almighty ‘standard’ fashion bloggers who’s voices are heard far and wide. This, of course, did not scare us off or make us shy away from what we believed in…..conscious fashion that people actually want to wear!

One of the very first brands we added to the very top of our target list was the award-winning Kitty Ferreira! We wanted to learn more about this brand that exudes class, elegance, ethics and sustainability! We wanted to hear the story of Creative MD and Founder Valerie Goode….we wanted to see into her world and share it with our readers. So you’re probably wondering why it has taken us so darn long. Now, like any other seriously good thing you need to be patient and you need to remember that your opportunities come at the right time…….and that time is now! 🙂 We have more readers and more followers so we get to share our love for Kitty Ferreira with a big old bunch of super fab human beings…..YOU! 😉

Yup, you guessed it, the pics above are of us hanging out with Val in her London studio…..like you do! lol! It was actually a really humbling experience because it’s not often you get to see exactly what goes into ensuring your brand is ethical and sustainable from start to finish…..it is NO easy feat! Val uses natural and eco dyes with pomegranate and onion skins. She also uses peace silks and dyes them digitally using azo-free dyes which take out the metal component which is harmful to the environment. Apart from Val’s in depth experience in the fashion industry, you can tell she has an innate connection with people and the environment. She told us beautiful accounts of her late grandmother who lived in Trinidad and in fact, the brand is named after her. There is something very special about the blend of someone like Val who is born and bred in London and the influence her grandmother had on the fashion Val so delicately produces right here in the UK. It is a creative process like no other. Maybe you will understand what we mean by watching this incredible video from our visit to Val’s studio…….note that we are clad in Kitty Ferreira wonderfulness throughout the video…..apart from our shabby-chic arrival 😉

This video is a true reflection of what Kitty Ferreira is all about. Her warmth, determination and her thirst for change in the fashion industry are traits we can relate to as well as admire. It’s not always easy to do the right thing when it comes to fashion, but the rewards are worth far more than you could imagine. You can see Val’s pride in showing us all her hard work with the confidence that she is not just looking out for herself but she is looking out for the broader community and the environment …….all whilst creating fashion that you will not just want to wear, but that will last for years to come and will enable you to stand out of the crowd in the most elegant kind of way. Hats off to you Val! We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your world for one beautiful morning! 🙂

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Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, lots of love, the Saiint Sisters xxx