Meraki, a beautiful collaboration between brand, artist and consumer. Social impact at it’s best!

If we were to ask you what art is, what would you say? Maybe you would describe it as a painting on your wall, a sketch in a gallery or maybe a sculpture in a stately home. There is of course art all around us in different mediums and viewed by different people in different ways. There is debate about what art is and what can and can’t be called art……the debate around art is vast and exciting!

So when we were approached by Meraki, we felt that we had well and truly been presented with yet another different type of art…..the art of beautiful hand-painted handbags!

At first it hadn’t sunk in that what we were looking at was actually an intricately hand-painted accessory! We really couldn’t believe that in these crazy times, there were artisans across the globe pouring their heart and soul into designing a product so beautiful that you could probably get away with framing it on your wall! These bags are a creation like no other bag we have seen! I don’t think we can look at any other bag in the same way ever again, because we can see the potential for every bag in the world being an even more beautiful bag with the help of the talented artists at Meraki! At Meraki, the artist are the stars of the show, without them, the show would not go on, the show simply wouldn’t exist! Each bag is designed and hand-painted by the artists themselves, their story is told on the bags they create and a little piece of their heart is embedded in each brush stroke. You can even trace which artist painted which bag, so the connection between consumer and maker remains strong and relatable. We often purchase aimlessly, with no real connection between the beginning and end of a product and unfortunately even if we tried to trace the roots, we simply wouldn’t be able to find them. With Meraki, you can do just that!

Around 10% of the sales of each bag goes direct to the artists which works out to be much more than what they would earn if they sold one of their own traditional –style paintings, so this is of course fantastic!  Not only that, the fact that their name is associated to the product is pretty unique because this doesn’t really happen with traditional folk art. What tends to happen is that they are not known for the pieces they create and the sense of recognition isn’t as high as it could be, but with Meraki, this is of course not an issue. The bags are also made from eco leather and if you would like to know more about the tannery they use, you can find this on their website. It is amazing how much you can learn when it comes to methods of dying and where and how leather is sourced. For us, the key here is that real people are benefiting from a brand that doesn’t just say it cares, but actually cares. Together Meraki and their artists are providing a collaborative space where maker and brand are mutually dependant on each other. They create together and the buyer joins them in this beautiful loop of art! J Now, we couldn’t do this write up without genuinely bringing you (the reader) into the loop! So we have collaborated with Meraki to give away one of their gorgeous bags….this beautiful peacock bag made by the incredibly talented Manorama Devi could be all yours! It’s worth $275, so you really are getting a gem here! In order to be in for a chance to win this, head over to our Instagram and check out the super easy steps to win this striking bag!

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Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, lots of love, the Saiint Sisters xxx