Jake + Maya Kids – Slow Fashion for Fast Growing Kids

Happy Friday party people and parents! Today we’re sharing a write up about a cute kiddieswear brand written by out blogger buddy at Wasted Blog 🙂 Read on to hear what she has to say 🙂

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There is no doubt that parents always want the best for their children but sometimes good quality clothing is hard to afford and given the fact that the kids will grow out of them faster than we can say “puberty”, it often leads to the choice to purchase fast fashion clothing items instead. So today I’d like to tell you about a worldwide Kickstarter campaign that could solve the problem of sustainability and longevity in one fashion brand called Jake + Maya Kids.

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Jake + Maya Kids was first launched in 2008 by Tze Ching Yeung a designer and mom of twins.      In 2013, the brand was honorably listed as one of the finalists of the prestigious Source Best Ethical Kids Fashion Brand awards. That same year, Tze Ching stopped trading as she felt that she was not doing enough for sustainability and realized that she could do much better.

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I am in equal parts impressed and obsessed with this smart and utterly beautiful line and support it whole-heartedly. Keep on reading to learn more about the brand and how you can contribute to their launch.

Chic, simple and sustainable is my go-to and now it can be the go to for all the sustainable parents, aunties and uncles, grandparents and friends out there, waiting to make a difference with their purchasing money.

Yep – It’s possible to have a kids fashion line that lasts for longer than one season.*Drop the mic*

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“The textile industry is currently the world’s second most polluting industry, right after the oil industry. In traditional manufacturing up to 30% of textile is wasted. Our aim is to reduce our waste to almost nothing.”

The most popular items can be preordered as part of the Kickstarter campaign with the full collection of almost 40 items being made available in summer.

The crowdfunding campaign starts on the 14th of March and runs through to the 13th of April, 2017.

Let’s help them reach their goal and beyond by supporting their Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you to the lovely Florine of Wasted Blog for letting us share the exciting developments with this lovely brand! Read all of Florines write ups on her lovely blog 🙂