What on earth are you wearing we hear you ask yourself? Selfridges can answer your question!

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Where do my clothes come from? Who made them and at what cost? We ask ourselves this all the time and although the answers are sometimes hard to find, you can most definitely find them if you look hard enough. Every now and then you need a helping hand and that’s what we’re here for J Saiint Sisters to the rescue!!!! Lol

In all honesty, even we find it hard to keep up with what’s going on in the ethical fashion industry and blogging as well as holding down full time jobs can be a tricky balancing act……which is why I am starting this post with an apology…..for not attending the mega exciting Selfridges Material World launch party in conjunction with Daze! Diana is in Cape Town, so has a very good excuse, but I was stuck at work and by the time I finished I couldn’t find the umph to head over for the last portion of what we are sure was an uber cool fashion fantasy event. That doesn’t mean I can’t write about it though, because in these modern times we have access to beautiful pictures and information at the click of a finger! So here goes….

Material World is the exciting new collection of sustainable fashion designers Selfridges have rolled together into one big happy ball! The focus of Material World is to look at 8 different materials and educate us on how we can wear them more sustainably. It’s not rocket science if you are already into sustainable fashion, but it most definitely is a huge step in the right direction and provides a foundation for many more funky, high profile discussions on the topic of where our clothes come from and how we can be more mindful about what we wear.  Designers in the Selfridges selections include Tortoise Denim, Kilometre and many others, so check them out here, but also head over to experience the fabrics and designs in the flesh! You won’t be disappointed!

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