Cheeky monkey Katie, tries out the amazing conscious fashion brand Monkee Genes!

It was many moons ago when Monkee Genes first caught our eyes and we have to admit that way back then we didn’t think the day would come when they actually wanted to collaborate with us! But, as they say, good things come to those who wait and this collaboration was soooooo worth the wait! 🙂

We had seen Monkee Genes online, in stores and when Katie met the founder (Phil) and his team at a trade fair we fell well and truly in love with their ethos and hot design! I didn’t walk around thinking we had to compromise on style in order to go for a brand that is ethical, organic and sustainable…..I walked around thinking I wanted to try them all on immediately!  To top it all off, we had the best giggles ever chatting about trade shows, other ethical brands, how hard it is to make jeans the way they do and general banter on travels, life and happy stuff! I can’t even remember how long I was at the stand, but it was at least an hour and I left feeling 10 years younger and a whole bag chirpier, such good times! 🙂

But anyway, you wanted to know about the jeans and all I am doing is harping on about fun times! So in short, these jeans rock! In long, Monkee Genes was founded in 2006 when founder Phil Wildbore decided it was time to stamp on fast fashion with a solution to badly made, unethical, highly unsustainable jeans! Fashion can have a devastating impact on those who work in sweatshops, including child labour amongst other atrocities we turn a blind eye to. Monkee Genes made a vow to stand up against this type of exploitation by making seriously fashionable, well made, affordable and conscious fashion that pays attention to the ethics that we at Saiint Sisters care about so deeply!

Monkee Genes are also organic and come in a whole range of styles and colours. They are made with soul and heart and I think you can always tell when this is the case, because there is genuinely something special about the way they do their marketing, the people Phil has on the team and the attention to detail in the cuts and fabrics. The combination is perfect and I can honestly tell you that when my pair of jeans arrived in the post I took them out of the packet thinking they were never going to fit well, because let’s face it when was the last time you bought jeans online and they fit perfectly (never!), but when I put these on, they fit like a glove! The sizing was accurate, the colour was what I expected, the length was as described and the fit was exceptional! I can’t wait to show you the photos which I will share on our social media over the next few days….in addition to the lovely pis of me in this post  🙂


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Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, lots of love, the Saiint Sisters xxx