ALLORA! Sustainable jewellery collection handcrafted with love in beautiful Berkshire!

Ok, so we’re very very aware that we haven’t put up a blog post for quite some time now which is super cheeky of us! We’ve been so crazy busy! We both started new jobs, Diana last week and me 7 weeks ago. We actually both work full time as well as writing our lovely blog 🙂 To top it all off, Diana has also just opened a gorgeous organic tea cafe in Cape Town with her partner, so things have been super exciting in Saiint Sister land! 🙂 

But, fear not, we have not deserted you, we’ve just been brewing with some incredible brands to share with you over the next few months, the first one is a beauty of a brand. We would like to introduce you to the incredible ALLORA collection from Louise Vaessen-Walker who is the founding director of her self-named brand VAESSEN WALKER. If you haven’t yet clicked on the link, click it now….then come back to our page to read on 🙂


Louise has been an independent designer maker for 10 years now, so she clearly knows what she’s doing! In fact, you don’t really need us to tell you that because once you’ve browsed through her website you will understand what we mean. Her designs are elegant, simple, but with incredible impact! I have to say that recently I’ve been a bit of a big-stone kind of girl with a love for turquoise in particular, but when Louise contacted us to show us her designs I melted straight back into my comforting simplistic ways. How could I not! I was actually genuinely stunned when I opened the box and saw the gorgeous geometric lines and subtly beaten gold vermeil. I found myself stroking the delicate edges…lol…the poor earrings must have felt a little self conscious with all the attention they were getting 🙂 If only we could understand how lovely jewellery like this actually feels….one day! 😉

I probably should mention that Louise also makes tableware, but we can talk about the another time, for now we are a little obsessed with her sustainable jewellery. As a small independent maker, Louise takes her working practices seriously and all her silver jewellery is made from recycled silver and she is also registered Fairtrade!! We love you Louise! 🙂

Anyway, once I’d got over the beautiful 100% recycled (and recyclable) packaging, I put them on! Woop!!! 🙂 I wont lie, I felt good! I felt beautiful and I felt like I was doing good because there is so much goodness going on here! I actually opened them in a restaurant because I was zipping out but didn’t want to leave the parcel at home. I was quick to replace the earrings I was wearing with these and immediately felt like they were meant for my face….my face loved them! Lol My hair loved them too because my hair can be a bit wild, but these beauties help to slightly tame the curls to bring a bit of classy simplicity to my look……as you can see in these photos….I have been tamed! 😉

We weren’t too surprises to hear the ALLORA collection was inspired by Louise’s travels through Italy where classiness is an everyday wonder! We can totally see this influence in all the pieces in this gorgeous collection. To top it all off  Louise has won multiple awards, including the highly sought after London Assay Office Special Gold Award! Go Louise! 🙂 We can see many more awards coming your way and we wish you all the best with your future collections!

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Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, lots of love, the Saiint Sisters xxx